Moving Coldstream Forward

Alex Dantzer is a retired lawyer with a wide variety of experience that he can put to use if elected to Coldstream Council on October 15.​

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Fiscal Responsibility

If elected Alex will demonstrate Fiscal Responsibility by working to keep local government affordable.


He will demonstrate Stewardship by working to keep our community beautiful, livable and safe


He will demonstrate Vision by making decisions that will benefit the community as a whole both now and in the future.

DANTZER IS THE ANSWER for Coldstream Council on October 15, 2022


Help us restore true values to Coldstream and create a system that puts the taxpayers first.

About Alex Dantzer


After graduating in Law from the University of Saskatchewan, Alex joined the Department of External Affairs as a Foreign Service Officer. He served as vice-consul in Beirut, Damascus and New York city where his duties included interviewing immigrants including refugees and persons seeking to flee from the war in Lebanon and to reunite with their families in Canada

After 8 years, Alex left government service and set up his own law firm in Surrey BC where he specialized in administrative law. He appeared on a regular basis before various tribunals as well as the Federal Court of Canada.

In 2009 Alex was appointed to the Parole Board of Canada where he was responsible for making conditional release decisions for federally incarcerated persons. He was required to make decisions that protected the interests of the community and promoted public safety.

Throughout his career, Alex has been tasked with making decisions that had a profound effect on people’s lives and that called for good judgment, compassion and common sense. He would bring those qualities to bear in the decisions that he would make as a member of the Coldstream Council.

Rooted in the Community

Alex moved to Coldstream in 1970 with his parents, one brother and seven sisters. Summers were spent working as a forklift driver and on the green chain at the Lavington Planner Mill as it was known then. Although he left to continue his studies and later for work, he returned home to Coldstream regularly for Christmas holidays and for family events. In 2019 he retired and returned once again to Coldstream where he now resides in the family home.

Community Involvement

When he returned to Coldstream after retirement, Alex was active in the community. As a member of the Advisory Planning Commission in Coldstream for almost three years, Alex represented the interest of the community by providing advice to Coldstream Council on land use and planning issues.

Alex has also served on the Finance Committee of his parish church and on the Executive of the Knights of Columbus, a catholic men’s service organization. He also volunteers as a Captain for the Okanagan Quality of Life Society which takes seniors in Long Term Care for boat rides throughout the summer.

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